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Welcome to Suceava. Welcome to Bucovina.

Our boutique hotel is situated in the green, residential area of the Suceava city. You can find us at the entry in the Suceava city from Bucharest direction on the European Road E85, in a green, residential area of the city of Suceava. A guiding point can be the Galeria Mall, which is situated at 150 m from the boutique hotel.

Address: Leaganul Bucovinei Boutique Hotel Suceava, 18 Sofia Vicoveanca Blvd., Suceava, Postcode: 270284 (at the entry in Suceava from Bucharest)

You can reach us:
By car
By train
By bus
By airplane

By car

From Bucuresti, Iasi, Piatra Neamt, or any other direction with passing via Falticeni: immediately after entering the municipality of Suceava (the road sign is on the right side), you will see on the left side some car showrooms (Alpha Romeo, Mercedes, Skoda, Ford). After that, also on the left side, begins a beautiful residential villa neighbourhood, Leaganul Bucovinei Boutique Hotel being at cca. 300m.

If you missed and passed it, at cca. 150 m from our boutique hotel you will get in a traffic roundabout, where on the right side is the Galeria Mall. Make a U-turn and drive back to where you were coming from and you will locate us very easily, this time on the right side, at only 150 m from the roundabout.

If you come from Transilvania (Vatra Dornei) you will pass firstly through Comuna Scheia, which is at the entrance in the town. At the entry in Suceava you will go on a slight slope having on the left side a small forest and on the right side some buildings. You come at an intersection with the traffic lights (go straight on). After another 500 m you meet another junction traffic light, where you take a right, following the Falticeni direction. Continue 900 meters, passing by in front of Petrom gas station and Metro shopping complex until you get to a roundabout where you go left, in front of the Gallery Mall. At 150 m, on the right side you will find a beautiful residential district where there is our boutique hotel.

From Botosani and Dorohoi, follow the city center directions. First pass by Iulius Mall and after you passed it, drive on towards the center of Suceava (800 m) in front of Mac McDonald (on left side), continuing on the main road. Follow the road signs to Falticeni (Bucharest). Then pass in front of City Hall Suceava and football stadium (on left), then continue by passing by Metro Commercial Complex (left side) and at about 800 meters from it there is a roundabout. Take a left by passing in front of Galeria Mall, at 100 m being Leaganul Bucovinei Boutique Hotel.

From Siret and Radauti, enter the town of Suceava by passing the Itcani district. Take to the city center of Suceava, up to Mac Donald (on right leave the Church of St. Demetrius, from the XVI century), then follow road signs to Falticeni (Bucharest). Pass in front of City Hall Suceava and football stadium (on left), then continue by passing by the Metro Commercial Complex (on the left side) and about 800 m of this is a roundabout. Drive left in front of the Gallery Mall, at 150 m being the boutique hotel Leaganul Bucovina.

By train

Suceava has two railway stations, positioned just 10 minutes by train from one to another.

For Romanian Railways (CFR) information, please click here.

Burdujeni railway station:

Maxi taxi nr. 6 and 9; Bus nr. 2;

Railway Station Suceava North (Itcani):

Maxi taxi nr. 1 and 12 ; Bus nr. 5

Get off at the Gallery Mall station, the boutique hotel being situated at about 150 m from this station.

The main railway station, Suceava (Burdujeni), is also a tourist attraction, being built by the Austrians over 200 years ago. The other station, Suceava North (Itcani), is usually the head of line for most routes, excluding those from Transylvania, where the train stops only in Suceava (Burdujeni);

Distance from each of the two railway stations to Leaganul Bucovinei is almost equal, about 8 km. From any of the two stations you can reach the boutique hotel by taxi (about 15-20 RON), bus or maxi taxi (1.5 RON per person).

By bus

Bus station Suceava is located at about 4 km from the boutique hotel.
From the bus station our boutique hotel can be reached by taxi (10-12 RON), with maxi-taxi or by bus in about 10 minutes.

Maxi taxi nr. 6,9,12,13,15;

Get off at the Gallery Mall station, the boutique hotel being located at about 150 m from this stop.

By airplane

From the Airport Suceava - Salcea (SCV), the boutique hotel is located at about 15 km. From the airport you can reach the boutique hotel by taxi in about 20 minutes, price about 40 RON.

With prior notice, the boutique hotel can arrange the tourist transport from the airport, which is going to be paid by the client.

Here you can find more information about schedules.

Useful distances

From the city center of Suceava, the boutique hotel is located at about 2.5 km. From / to center of the city you can go by taxi, bus or maxi taxi in 5-10 minutes.

From Leaganul Bucovinei Boutique Hotel to some points of interest:
-Bus and maxi taxi station near the boutique hotel: 150 m;
-the center of the city of Suceava: 2.5 km;
-Bus station Suceava: 4 km;
-Railway station ( Burdujeni or Itcani): 8 km
-Airport Suceava: 15 km.
-Monastery with relics of St. John the New of Suceava: 2.5 km
-Medieval Fortress of Suceava: 5 km
-Dragomirna Monastery: 15 km
-Voronet Monastery: 35 km
-Putna Monastery: 70 km
-Sucevita Monastery: 50 km
-Probota Monastery: 50 km
-Slatina Monastery: 70 km

Click here for more information on the useful distances in Suceava.

We are looking forward to welcoming you,

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