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About Bucovina


The Historical Region of Bucovina (from German Buchenland, "beech land"), which became the Duchy of Bucovina during the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and covers an area covering today the towns Radauti, Suceava, Campulung Moldovenesc, Siret and Vicovu de Sus from Romania, as well as Chernovtsy and Storojinet of Ukraine. The historical territory, exactly defined, has nothing to do with the general denomination "Northern Moldavia" adopted by the Vulgate.

Bucovina is famous for its monasteries built by former rulers and Moldavian boyars (Musatinii Alexander the Good (Alexandru cel Bun), Stephen the Great (Stefan cel Mare), Petru Rares, Stefan Tomsa, Alexandru Lapusneanu, Movilesti Family and others), each with its specific color: Voronet (blue), Humor ( red), Sucevita (green), Moldova (yellow) and Arbore (combined colours).

Traditional Easter Eggs decoration from Bucovina
Eggs painting and decoration is a tradition typical for the Bucovina area. During the Holy Week from Tuesday to Friday, besides the simple painting, is also practiced either the Egg ornamenting using the painting brush, or the ornamenting by usage of wax. Gradually this egg ornamenting technique became a very beautiful art. Although the women are those, who are dealing with the egg beautifying, there are also some exceptions, when entire families know and practice this handicraft. In this area, there is very difficult for these traditions to survive taking into account the continuous changes but there are people, who transmit this handicraft of the egg ornamenting and who teach very carefully and with a lot of patience their children the secrets of this art and how to keep alive this tradition. 8.6 tripadvisor



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