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Pensiunea ”Leaganul Bucovinei” * * * * Suceava

Many hotels from Suceava are famous, taking into account the fact that Bucovina has always been a very important touristic area and Suceava is the gateway to Bucovina's monastery tours. . In comparison with the typical guest house or hotel offers from Suceava, Leaganul Bucovinei Guest House**** provides the beauty and the natural serenity of Bucovina, coupled, on the other hand, with the proximity to the centre of Suceava city and the host's hospitality. Our kitchen recently moved in a new, modern and well equipped space, very professional, offers you one of the best restaurants from Suceava with traditional food from Bucovina.

We are proud to have the possibility to offer you special conditions of comfort within the spaces of the Guest House, all modernised during April 2018 – May 2019, by a laborious project that has been financed with European funds. At present, our Guest House offers central heating on gas, free WI-Fi access, free parking limitative to the free existing places. All rooms have new equipment to the bathrooms, new furniture, modern, in oak wood, having the same style and structure, desk with minibar, Air Conditioning, LED TV, hair dryer etc. Accommodation spaces of the Guest House answer to the diverse requirements of the clients, most of them offer accommodation conditions for two (2) persons, but we have also two (2) Suites (Apartments) for four (4) or even five (5) persons, orientated to the family needs of the clients with children.

By the aforementioned project we have created a professional cleaning, a SPA area with modern Sauna with infrared, and Jacuzzi, Playing ground for children all newly and modern equiped where adult or children clients can at cost enjoy specific services. Among the Guest Houses in Suceava we distinguish as uniqness by a great garden fot the sunny days during summertime, where you can dine or serve a glass of wine – a happy ending for a journey day in the tour of the monasteries from Bucovina. In addition, by the caring of the hostesses, the garden is a true quiet oasis and an attraction point for those interested, being equiped among others with trees and exotic plants, a true botanical minigarden, unique in the region. For the gourmets, we have a grill situated in the center of the garden, where people can have barbecue and live unforgetable moments in open air. During hot summer nights, you will be enchanted by the songs of the crickets, that sends away the tiredness from the daytime. Moreover we have terraces that are arranged to serve dinner, playground for children, for spending time in open air.

At cost, Guest House accepts small animals/pets.

Payment for the services offered by the Guest House, can be made cash, by Payment Order, or travel vochers. Payment is made until the clients reach the Guest House, and for the feasts and high season is made in advance. Advance payment is a guarantee for the reservation.

Either if you come to Bucovina for tourism, or you are passing by, it doesn't matter, you will get a very hearty welcome at our Leaganul Bucovinei Guest House**** Suceava. It is ideally positioned for a vacation time or weekend in Bucovina, or for some business travel in Suceava. During the important holidays period, such as Easter in Bucovina or New Year's Eve in Bucovina, Leaganul Bucovinei Guest House Suceava is always ready to welcome its guests. We stand out by traditional cusine, homemade, specific to those holidays.

There are plenty of attractions in Bucovina, that are meant to tempt you. By its positioning in the cradle of medieval Moldavia, when specific touristic objectives of the region were built, Guest House is the ideal base for the guided tour in Bucovina. If you wish to explore Bucovina, we recommend you one of the guided tours that Guest House Leaganul Bucovinei**** offers:

 1. The classic tour of the monasteries in Bucovina: Humor Monastery, Voroneț Monastery, Moldovița Monastery, Sucevița Monastery, Dragomirna Monastery or Arbore Church by choice. For Romanian tourists we include Putna and Daniil the hermit cell.

 2. South-East route: with Probota Monastery, Reuseni and Dolhesti churches, Slatina Monastery, White Church from Baia, Râșca and Bogdănești Monasteries.

 3. Other purposed monasteries: Putna, Sihastria Putnei, Daniil the Hermit cell, Arbore church, Pătrăuți, Părhăuți, Sf. Ilie.

 4. Medieval fortress/castle Neamț, Agapia Monastery, Sihastria Neamț monastery, Natural bisons reservation/park, Memorial house John Creangă, Secu Monastery, Neamț Monastery.

 5. Touristic objectives in Suceava town: Suceava fortress/castle, Saint Jon the new from Suceava Monastery, Mirăuți church, Saint Dumitru church, Saint Nicolae church, Monastery of the Whishes ( Hagi Kadar), Zamca Monastery.

 6. Other touristic objectives: black pottery workshop from Marginea, painted eggs museums from Vama and Moldovița, Mocănița Huțulca Moldovița, bisons natural park/reservation Târgul Neamț, Village museum, History museum Suceava etc.

 7. Cultural objectives: memorial houses of Ciprian Porumbescu, George Enescu, Nicolae Labiș, Mihail Eminescu, Ion Creanga, Ion Irimescu etc.

The Guest House offers at cost, visiting possibility to these objectives. Traveling is made by car. We offer Guide and for foreigners we offer English translator.

In case you prefer to relax at the Guest House, our staff spoils you with cuisine similarly to mother s house. What could you wish for more?


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