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About Suceava


Suceava is the residence and in the same time the largest city of Suceava county, situated in Bucovina, Romania.

Suceava is considered to be one of the oldest and most important settlements of the country. For two centuries it has been the main residence of State of Moldova and in the period 1775 - 1918 was a city of the Austrian Empire (lands of Kingdom of Galicia and Lodomeria and the Duchy of Bucovina).

Twin cities
Suceava is twinned with the following cities:
-Sosnowiec (Poland)

Consulates in Suceava
- General Consulate of Ukraine
The city has a civilian airport in the North-East, in the town nearby - Salcea.

Personalities Suceava
-Stephan the Great ( Stefan cel Mare) Prince of Moldavia, a statesman
-Anastasie Crimca, metropolitan, founder of the Dragomirna Monastery
-Ion Gramada, writer
-Elena Greculesi painter
-Emanoil Diaconescu, professor, corresponding member of the Romanian Academy
-Norman Manea, writer
-Mircea Motrici, writer, journalist
-Ioan Nemes, teacher, scientist
-Frieda Wigder, chemistry professor, director of the High School "Petru Rares" Suceava
-Dumitru Rusu, painter
-Mircea Daneasa painter
-Emil Satco, historian
-Ion. G. Sbiera, folklorist and literary Romanian historian, founding member (1866) of the Romanian Academy
-Alex Stefanescu, literary critic
-Joachim Popescu, writer
-Dimitrie Loghin, painter, teacher
-Sofia Vicoveanca, singer of popular music
-Paul Anastasiu artist, painter and contemporary French sculptor of Romanian origin, but in the same time it can be said about him that he is a Romanian artist, who lives and practices in the southern France.
-Ciprian Porumbescu (14th October 1853 - 6th July 1883), musician 8.6 tripadvisor



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